- AX11 FVF

First Used Date:2011.07.07
Fuel Type:Petrol
Primary Colour:White
 Completed Date:2019.07.20 07:31:33
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2020.07.19
 Odometer Value:48702
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:114826991803
 Completed Date:2019.07.19 16:04:31
 Test Result:FAILED
 Odometer Value:48667
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:832522491288
  Text:Exhaust carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle exceeds default limits ( (b))
  Text:Exhaust Lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits ( (c))
 Completed Date:2018.07.20 11:52:19
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2019.07.19
 Odometer Value:41396
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:978114057293
  Text:Nearside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge (5.2.3 (e))
  Text:Offside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge (5.2.3 (e))
 Completed Date:2017.07.10 15:36:54
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2018.07.09
 Odometer Value:38433
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:744977171478
 Completed Date:2016.06.23 13:54:37
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2017.06.22
 Odometer Value:37294
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:961367648606
  Text:Nearside Rear coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
 Completed Date:2015.05.11 13:48:58
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2016.05.10
 Odometer Value:35301
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:888871035181
 Completed Date:2014.04.18 08:41:08
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2015.04.17
 Odometer Value:26036
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:366108204163
  Text:Under-trays fitted obscuring some underside components