First Used Date:2010.07.12
Fuel Type:Diesel
Primary Colour:Black
 Completed Date:2022.06.24 12:40:56
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2023.06.24
 Odometer Value:100315
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:152173758108
  Text:Front Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge both (5.2.3 (e))
 Completed Date:2021.06.25 09:35:18
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2022.06.24
 Odometer Value:94420
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:933120249405
 Completed Date:2019.11.01 16:21:17
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2020.10.31
 Odometer Value:93804
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:366891142237
 Completed Date:2018.10.25 14:15:57
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2019.10.24
 Odometer Value:83191
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:955103602438
 Completed Date:2017.09.27 09:59:27
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2018.09.26
 Odometer Value:73217
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:429298297020
 Completed Date:2016.09.22 12:42:11
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2017.09.21
 Odometer Value:66731
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:473771873078
 Completed Date:2016.09.22 09:09:31
 Test Result:FAILED
 Odometer Value:66723
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:817499975090
  Text:Front Tyre has ply or cords exposed both (4.1.D.1b)
 Completed Date:2015.07.28 10:17:48
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2016.08.03
 Odometer Value:57660
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:606299705251
 Completed Date:2014.08.04 12:24:51
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2015.08.03
 Odometer Value:50070
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:346636014265
 Completed Date:2014.03.10 12:38:28
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2015.03.26
 Odometer Value:46917
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:456479764079
 Completed Date:2013.03.27 07:52:12
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2014.03.26
 Odometer Value:40618
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:686506883048
  Text:Parking brake: parking brake efficiency only just met. It would appear that the braking system requires adjustment or repair. (3.7.B.7)