- BW15 WUH

First Used Date:2015.06.30
Fuel Type:Diesel
Primary Colour:Silver
 Completed Date:2020.06.24 08:37:25
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2021.06.23
 Odometer Value:55954
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:348580540014
 Completed Date:2019.06.17 11:44:03
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2020.12.29
 Odometer Value:46527
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:215242510002
 Completed Date:2019.06.10 14:48:36
 Test Result:FAILED
 Odometer Value:46311
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:813587868855
  Text:Parking brake efficiency less than 50% of the required value (1.4.2 (a) (ii))
 Completed Date:2018.06.25 13:18:51
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2019.06.29
 Odometer Value:34633
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:825158379484
  Text:Nearside Rear tyre worn on outer edge also nail in tread
  Text:screw and nail in offside rear tyre
  Text:Rear brake pads very low