- DK07 MXE

First Used Date:2007.05.17
Fuel Type:Petrol
Primary Colour:Grey
 Completed Date:2017.06.01 09:40:44
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2018.05.31
 Odometer Value:42621
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:728840938173
 Completed Date:2015.07.21 15:58:55
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2016.07.21
 Odometer Value:39373
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:346472405265
 Completed Date:2014.07.21 17:02:01
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2015.07.21
 Odometer Value:30498
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:149972204277
 Completed Date:2013.07.22 15:09:27
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2014.07.21
 Odometer Value:26946
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:418563303203
  Text:Service brake: service brake efficiency only just met. It would appear that the braking system requires adjustment or repair. (3.7.C.1a)
 Completed Date:2011.08.15 12:12:10
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2012.08.14
 Odometer Value:26067
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:506047721284
 Completed Date:2010.08.14 12:54:19
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2011.08.13
 Odometer Value:24352
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:723876920220