- GU62 OEM

First Used Date:2012.09.17
Fuel Type:Petrol
Primary Colour:Black
 Completed Date:2018.11.29 09:28:51
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2019.11.28
 Odometer Value:79030
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:316712451280
 Completed Date:2017.11.13 13:24:42
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2018.11.12
 Odometer Value:44622
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:535601095561
 Completed Date:2016.09.22 11:30:47
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2017.09.21
 Odometer Value:29474
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:688505018669
  Text:Front brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened nearside offside (3.5.1i)
  Text:Front Tyre worn close to the legal limit nearside offside 3mm (4.1.E.1)
 Completed Date:2015.09.08 14:29:15
 Test Result:PASSED
 Expiry Date:2016.09.16
 Odometer Value:21943
 Odometer Unit:mi
 MOT Test Number:112105851848